We started the idea of YumBox as a brand selling yummy goods and gift boxes in February 2021, wanting to help those foodie lovers order food or presents for loved ones, while staying safe at home during the pandemic.

As we've grown more as a business with time, feedback and creativity, we've expanded to a wider range of services we know every foodie lover would appreciate. 

Our founder Melody has years of experience working in the hospitality industry, so much so that she grew a passion for owning her own business. Our other founder Ivan, recognized that Melody's vision for YumBox was very creative and held true to a greater purpose. Our aspirations are for our services and products to bring joy to our foodie lovers.  

We appreciate all the love and support from everyone and for

continuing to rock with us! 

- YB



YumBox M - Regular Movie Combo
YumBox I -M YumBox I -Kids

Melody Garcia

Hi Foodie Lovers !! 

My name is Melody,

born & raised in Toronto Ontario. I've always had a passion for owning my own business and I also have a passion for creating amazing food, party trays, and gift baskets for my friends and family. As I got older and better, my friends and family recommended me to start selling and I never had the courage to do so. When I met my partner Ivan, he encouraged me to build my business even more, this idea of selling Yummy goods in a box and since then we've taken off and continue to grow better and bigger everyday!!!!  

Ivan Urrutia

Passionate, young business owner with goals and ambitions to offer Canadians the best food and gift-giving experiences ever!

Born in Toronto and raised by two hard working parents from El Salvador and Mexico, as well as growing up with lots of family and friends, food and gifts have played big roles in the special moment that I hold close to my heart.

As part business owner of YumBox Services, I have the creative freedom to create and deliver the best and most unforgettable food and gift-giving moments that will bring happiness and joy to foodie and gift lovers!